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Chernobylite, the survival horror RPG set in the titular disaster area of Chernobyl, is now out on Xbox One and PS4, and the developers have wasted no time reminding people that they’ll be updating the game in the future. According to the recently released roadmap, the game will have two updates coming this year, with several more to come next year. Coincidentally, the game will also launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S early next year.

The first DLC, Monster Hunt, releases on Halloween this year, and it includes new monsters and side missions. The second, called Ghost Town, will have a new map and more new side missions and will launch around Christmas That’s all going to be free. However, Ghost Town will also have a paid content pack, though there are no details on what exactly this paid pack will contain. These are the only two content packs coming out this year.

The rest of the DLC will be launching in 2022, and will be a series called “Colors of Chernobyl.” Fittingly, the different content blocks all have color names and will each release in a different quarter of the year: First, Blue Flames will have a new event called “Memories of You” as well as a new weapon and cosmetics. Red Trees will include “Ghosts of the Pasts,” a collection of story missions, and “Cooling Towers,” which adds a map and side missions. Green Walls adds “Gates of Madness,” a new game mode, a new weapon, and a new VR map. Black Smoke adds “Farewell, My Doll,” a group of new events, and “Brothers in Arms,” a new game mode.

All four of these blocks will have paid content packs, but, as mentioned, we have no idea what these content packs will contain, nor how much they’ll cost. All the stuff mentioned above is the free stuff, at least according to the roadmap.


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