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Every decision you make in Chernobylite matters. This might be an open-ended FPS / Survival game, but you’ll have to carefully setup everything in advance to truly conquer the final mission. Your last job sends you into a deadly heist against overwhelming odds, and if you don’t make the right decisions, you and everyone on your team will absolutely die. Sometimes you’ll have to make choices that are seemingly contradictory — the game is designed so you can go back and redo your choices if you’re messed up.

Like a good time-traveler, most of us have to play through the final heist and just try to remember what went wrong. After it all goes down, you’ll be able to figure out the exact steps required to make things work. And you can still reach the ending, even if most of your crew dies in the process.

If you’re looking to keep everyone alive, these are the most important steps you need to take before and during the big heist.

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The community really put their heads together to solve this complicated heist. Lots of decisions are required, and discovering how to actually win without anyone dying required plenty of experimentation. All thanks go to Capsule Computers and Rouz Tromperie for sharing their info.

To get a perfect mission, you need to prepare by completing specific objectives and making choices before the heist. Choices can change everything. During the heist, you’ll also have to make a series of choices — some will only be available if you complete the correct choices before the heist. It gets complicated. Here’s everything you need to know.

  • Important Choices | Before The Heist
    • Recruit Tarakan
    • DO NOT KILL Professor Semonov (Kindergarten) — Needed for the heist map.
    • Recruit Mikhail
    • Kill Professor Semonov (NAR Base) — Do this to avoid a trap he sets.
    • Recruit Sashko
    • DO NOT KILL Kostya
    • Allow Kostya to escape.
    • Don’t help Kostya take down Matvey.
    • Recruit Olga
    • Allow Glyeb to leave the cage.
    • Kidnap Kozlov
    • Interrogate and release Kozlov. DO NOT KILL Kozlov.
    • Tell Kozlov that Glyeb is in the Village.

You need to do everything you can to make your allies happy and increase their loyalty to you. Make sure you follow Olivier and Mikhail’s preferences for missions. Do everything you can to improve your relationship with Kostya, Sashko, and everyone else on the final mission.

  • Important Choices | During The Heist
    • Assign your companions to the correct roles.
      • Infiltrators: Olivier + Sashko
      • Spy: Mikhail
      • Technician: Tarakan
      • Sniper: Olga
    • Use the Alternate Route — Acquired if you spare the professor in the Kindergarten.
    • Overload the gate (Technician)
    • Kill the Sniper at the gate (Sniper)
    • Disable the power in the underground (Technician)
    • In the guarded hall, use disguise + passphrase to get through.
    • In the reactor, follow the Spy path.
    • Go through the vents (alt path) at the trapped gate.
    • At the barred door, use Sashko’s bomb. DO NOT USE bombs before this point.
    • When working on the Fuse Box, Kozlov will automatically stop the guards.

Kozlov will only help you in the end if you follow the exact steps in the pre-heist planning. After the Fuse Box section, there are more choices that determine your ending, but none of these choices will cause any of your companions to be killed. It’s all up to you now! So enjoy your ending and be glad that nobody had to die under your watch.

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