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There are way too many locked doors in Chernobyl. And Lockpicks are in dangerously low supply while wondering around the blasted remains of Chernobylite. If you want to access enclosed areas and get at the sweet supplies inside, you’ll need to start crafting lockpicks. They’re relatively easy to make and low-cost when it comes to materials, the trick is just figuring out exactly what types of workbenches you need to start crafting them.

Lockpicks are basically required if you want to get the best possible ending. There’s just no way to reach every area of the map without them. If you’re sick of those simple lock mechanisms getting in your way, here’s how to supply yourself with the lockpicks at your home base.

How To Get Lockpicks | Crafting Guide

Lockpicks are one of the most important tools in your Chernobylite arsenal. If you want to enter new areas, you’re going to need lockpicks.

Before you can craft Lockpicks, you’ll need to craft the Laser Cutting Machine, the Generator to power it, and finally the Industrial Grinder. Building the Laser Cutting Machine gives you access to the Industrial Grinder.

  • Laser Cutting Machine: 12 Mechanical Parts, 10 Electronic Parts, 8 Flammable Parts
  • Industrial Grinder: Requires Laser Cutting Machine — 4 Mechanical Parts, 8 Electronic Parts, 4 Flammable Parts

Once you have the industrial grinder, you can use it to craft lockpicks.

  • Lockpicks: Requires Industrial Grinder – 2 Mechanical Parts, 1 Chemicals

Now you can produce all the lockpicks you need to bypass simple locks and enter areas that were previously inaccessible. Its basically required — just like a good gun and a gasmask. You can’t leave your home base without one.

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