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Fallout has been around since 1997, and it continues to thrive today. We’ve seen several installments, both mainline to spin-off games. At the same time, fans may be waiting on Fallout 5 to make its debut finally. But, for now, the focus has been on Fallout 76 as players ventured through this MMO set in West Virginia. While it’s not always the case for every Fallout game, most feature players being Vault Dwellers.

These are individuals who lived in a Vault-Tec vault. While above ground was demolished by nuclear war, those in vaults could live and thrive. Each vault had something unique to it, but for the most part, players are just a survivor from the vault that emerges out into the wasteland. With nothing but debris, mutated creatures, and makeshift communities left, players are mainly able to explore freely.


Today, we wanted to showcase a Vault Dweller cosplay. This cosplay comes from Labinnak, who worked with photographer Clubjimay Designs. The cosplay shows off a standard suit you’d find any Vault Dweller sporting. However, you can also see different gear pieces that were picked up and added into the mix. From various pouches to an ammunition belt, plenty of detail went into crafting this setup. Not to mention, the photography is rather remarkable as well. In one image, you can see the green glow from the Pip-Boy cast onto the cosplayer.


To help give a bit more immersion of being in the world of Fallout, Labinnak went to an abandoned mining village. The debris of an abandoned home helps out with some action shots, such as sneaking down a corridor. If you’re interested in seeing more cosplay from Labinnak, then you can check out their Linktree right here. Likewise, credit also goes to the photographer, where you can check out their work on YouTube and Twitter.

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