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Fenix Fatalist

Horizon Zero Dawn was a massive hit when it launched back in 2017. Developed by Guerrilla Games, this was the studio’s first new IP since they brought out the Killzone franchise. Now the studio has struck gold with this iconic series as it tosses players into the distant future long after humanity had fallen. With little to nothing remembered when it comes to the metal world, not only has humankind reverted to tribal life, but they are not necessarily the apex predator anymore. Now massive machinery beasts have claimed the open world.

In Horizon Zero Dawn, players are stepping into the role of Aloy. Exiled as a baby, Aloy is fighting an uphill battle to understand why the tribe abandoned her. Most fans are looking forward to the next thrilling installment in the works, Horizon Forbidden West. However, with that said, we wanted to showcase this Aloy cosplay done by Fenix Fatalist.

Fenix Fatalist

The amount of detail that went into the entire setup is quite stunning. I can’t fathom just how long this took the artist to craft up. Everything looks accounted for. You have clothing with intricate designs and patterns. Likewise, even the jewelry is represented, along with the hairstyle. You also can’t forget the weaponry that looks plucked right out of the video game.

As mentioned, this cosplay is of Fenix Fatalist. This individual is quite skilled and is a member of the FD Cosplay Studio. If you’re unfamiliar with FD Cosplay Studio, they creates costumes for both companies and individuals. This cosplay alone is quite a testament to their work. To catch more of Fenix Fatalist’s cosplay you can check out their Instagram page. Meanwhile, those interested can purchase physical autographed cosplay photo sets at Fenix Fatalist’s official website.

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