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Allie – IKitCat

The Resident Evil franchise is massive. The video games have continued to thrive long after the first installment released back in 1996. Just this year, we received the latest installment to the IP, Resident Evil Village. However, the trend lately with Capcom is going back to remake some of those earlier video game installments. As a result, we’ve seen the development studio bring out remakes for Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, and lastly, Resident Evil 3.

Now fans are anticipating the remake announcement of Resident Evil 4. We’ve seen past leaks and rumors that this game is next in line for a remake. Likewise, this installment ranks relatively high on so many players lists when it comes to the franchise. Without spoiling anything, Resident Evil 4 follows Leon Kennedy once again as he ventures to a remote area searching for the president’s daughter. Ashley Graham has been kidnapped, and it’s up to Leon to track down the terrorist group and bring her back home.

Allie – IKitCat

Ashley Graham is an iconic character, and we wanted to highlight a cosplay of her. A cosplayer named Allie, otherwise known online as IKitCat, cosplayed as the character recently. This particular individual nailed just about everything from the character in the photo. We have the orange sleeveless turtle-neck sweater, the brown belt, and the green plaid skirt. In fact, you can find the alternative costume of Ashley cosplayed as well from Allie’s Twitter account.

We’re still waiting on that remake announcement for Resident Evil 4 by Capcom. It should also be interesting to see if Capcom makes any adjustments to the appearance or attire of Ashley Graham. Perhaps we’ll even see this cosplayer go back and deliver another take on the character if changes are made with the remake. To catch more of this cosplayer’s work you’ll want to give Allie a follow on Twitter @EnjoyCat22.

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