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When it comes to the Resident Evil franchise, it’s still very much thriving today. After its release on the original PlayStation in 1996, we’re still going through the survival horror series. Most recently this year, we received Resident Evil Village, the eighth mainline installment. Over the years, we’ve seen some real staple characters come out and represent the IP. Included in that mix is Chris Redfield, a playable character in several Resident Evil installments. Chris also made his debut alongside the Resident Evil IP.

We have seen some incredible cosplays for different Resident Evil characters. However, in this particular cosplay spotlight, we wanted to feature Plutonia_Cosplay. This individual had recently showcased their cosplay of OG Chris Redfield. There have been several different iterations of Chris Redfield over the years, but this is a nice callback to how Capcom originally designed Chris Redfield for the release of Resident Evil.


You’ll find that Plutonia_Cosplay paid close attention to the visuals of Chris Redfield. Everything from the attire, patches, punches, gloves to even the weaponry is represented here. Another aspect that I wanted to point out was the scenery these images were captured. This cosplay looks precisely like Chris Redfield was pulled from the video game, but it has the scenery to match mood and tone. While it might not be the iconic mansion from the original installment, the building background from this image does add quite a bit to the aesthetics.


This is not the only cosplay Plutonia_Cosplay has shown off, either. Through their social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter, you can find more of their work such as Hunk at a makeshift Heisenberg factory or another rusty plant location for their Officer K Blade Runner shoot.

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