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Resident Evil is quite the iconic franchise. Ever since its start back in 1996, the series has continued to thrive. The franchise has recently seen the launch of the latest installment to the series, Resident Evil Village. This particular game continued the narrative of Ethan Winters, and since it just launched this year, I’m going to refrain from spoiling too much within this post.

The general premise of Resident Evil Village is that you take on the role of Ethan Winters once again from Resident Evil 7. Here Ethan is thrown into a whirlwind of hurt when Chris Redfield shows back up and crushes his world. Now stranded in some remote village seemingly nowhere, Ethan is forced to go through all kinds of torment to figure out what is going on and, more importantly, save his child.


Again, I’m not going to dive too much more than that, but there is a character cosplay that I wanted to highlight from that particular game installment. Cosplayer Phaseknight recently showcased their Mother Miranda piece. If you played the game, you know who this character is and the amount of detail the costume features. It never ceases to amaze me just how talented cosplayers can be.  

It might be relatively easy for some costumes to pull off a cosplay without going into too much detail. Mother Miranda, on the other hand, has a ton to craft up. Just about everything in this photograph was made by hand or modified by Phaseknight. You’ll find the stole-like dressing with all the minor markings, the feather dress, and more importantly, the headpiece. Phaseknight noted on their Reddit post that this was created from foam and covered in worbla along with wooden skewers before being painted.

Phaseknight is immensely talented, and you can catch their work on several social media platforms. Phaseknight can be found on Instagram, Tik Tok, and also Twitter. Meanwhile, if you haven’t played Resident Evil Village yet, then I suggest checking out our Before You Buy episode coverage right here.

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