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Silent Hill got its start back on the original PlayStation, and over the years, we’ve seen several installments released. The first four installments were the more popular games from the franchise under the internal Konami team, Team Silent. However, after Silent Hill 4: The Room launched, Konami gave the IP to western development studios. Unfortunately, those studios didn’t quite capture the core audience.

With that said, the franchise continues to get discovered by new players, along with veterans sharing their love over those earlier titles. One of the more iconic characters from the franchise is Heather Mason, a character that players take control of during Silent Hill 3. This particular installment is actually a continuation narrative after the events of the first Silent Hill game. Without spoiling things, Heather Mason is a 17-year-old teenager being hunted down by a cult.


Forced into the Otherworld, Heather endures quite the nightmare. Our protagonist is forced into an uphill battle as she picks up the pieces and uncovers what’s going on. Cosplayer Briarfire_ did a cosplay of the standard appearance of Heather Mason in Silent Hill 3. The character is represented with her shaggy blonde hair, an orange sleeveless turtleneck, and you can’t have a Hearth Mason cosplay without the white vest. Even the makeup brings out the reddish highlights under her eyes along with the freckles.

Overall, Briarfire_ pulled off a great Silent Hill 3 Heather Mason cosplay. You can also follow Briarfire_ on a variety of social media platforms. The cosplayer has a presence on Twitter and Instagram. Also, you’ll find that Briarfire_ streams on Twitch with their current schedule being 9 PM BST on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

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