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The developers of Crusader Kings 3 have revealed that the upcoming DLC will feature a new kind of event called the “court event,” which will let players experience the mundane drama of court life. We also got an update on the stats in time for the game’s first anniversary, and players have certainly been busy with the game in the last year.

According to a recently uploaded dev diary, these new court events are intended to offer more variety to court life as they don’t have to be as small and focused as character events. The developers say that character events need to be so concise that it can be limiting, whereas court events have more room to show what’s going on: “We don’t need to worry about framing characters in the traditional sense since we show them in the scene, the player always opts into a court-type event and thus can’t have one pop-up unexpectedly…”

Paradox says these events will add a little life to your court by showing how life in your court actually is: “From a player’s perspective, you’ll mostly interact with court-type events through the not-at-all-confusingly-named court events pool. Similar to random yearlies, court events reflect the life of your court just existing, with all the petty drama and courtly intrigue you’d expect from a medieval monarch’s household. They primarily involve characters consistently within your court (rather than far-flung vassals or guests), and often tie into court grandeur and your different levels of amenities.”

Crusader Kings is now nearing its first anniversary, and Paradox has revealed some details on the player stats from that first year. According to the stats video, there have been more than 128 million hours played, 18 million marriages and betrothals, 334 million children born, and 4 million pets pet (a stat that’s honestly lower than I expected). The video also contains several other cool stats for players to peruse.


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