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Fallout is a popular video game franchise that’s been around for years. However, Bethesda released something that fans were not expecting and that was Fallout 76. This is an online multiplayer title that initially took away the narrative-driven journey for instead a player exploration game. Players were essentially dropped into the Wasteland where the goal was to survive and build up settlements. Now this game didn’t have the greatest reception when it initially launched and that allowed Bethesda to go in and make an assortment of tweaks.

For starters, the game received DLC which added quests and NPCs. Now the game is a bit more lively when you join in, but that wasn’t the only thing that fans wanted. Being online game fans were interested in having their private servers. This would allow them to play with friends and have specific goals or objectives without having to play with randoms online. Thankfully, Bethesda was able to deliver and today we’re finding out that there is plenty more coming to private servers. 

Today we’re finding out that customization options will be coming to private servers. Here players can tweak just about everything in their server. You can decide when or where enemies spawn, ammunition capabilities, weather conditions, to more physic-based options such as allowing a character to jump at incredible heights. This is all coming out in September for players that are already subscribers to the Fallout 1st service which enables the ability to create private servers, to begin with. 

Of course, if you want to play on a private server then you’ll need to rely on a Fallout 1st member being active on that specific server. Fortunately, if you’re interested in seeing just how these customized servers may work out and play like then you’re in luck without shelling out any money. Bethesda will offer what they call Fallout Worlds which are limited-run servers customized by Bethesda and the community. These worlds will give players a limited time to look at some of the options that Private Servers can offer although playing in this game mode won’t carry any content or progress over to the main Fallout 76 Adventure game mode.

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