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When it comes to Cyberpunk 2077, it’s hard not to think about the incredible amount of hype and anticipation. Fans were waiting on this game to release for years. Developed under CD Projekt Red, their fame and track record for The Witcher trilogy had fans expecting the game quality to be next level. However, as we all know, the game launched as a buggy mess. It left fans wondering what happened. CD Projekt Red is still working on several different bug fixes to ensure this game meets its standards.

We might be a good ways off before the title reaches the expectations fans and developers placed on this game. However, despite the game having plenty of bugs, it was still enjoyed by quite a few players worldwide. One of the big reasons this game caught so many player’s attention was the visuals alone. The neon cyberpunk setting had players taking in the city and everything it offered. Overall, this game was gorgeous when it didn’t take players out of the immersion through a glitch.

Fortunately, like several other video game titles out there, Cyberpunk 2077 featured a Photo Mode. This allows players to take in-game screenshots to either store or share with others online. Likewise, the mode allows players to pose V, adjust the tones, and capture action shots. Of course, for some players, that might not be a robust enough experience. That’s where the Photo Mode Unlocker 1.3 mod comes into play.

Created by SilverEzredes, the mod allows players to move the camera so that it’s not directly centered around V. This would allow more ability to capture the game world and environments. Furthermore, the mod enables a greater distance for objects to load, so you don’t have to worry about anything looking pixelated or blurred. Interestingly enough, this mod comes out shortly after Hideo Kojima made the comments of in-game photography. If you don’t recall, famed industry icon Hideo Kojima recently defended game photo modes as it can be a helpful learning tool for real-world photography.


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