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Easily the most anticipated video game release of last year was Cyberpunk 2077. Fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on the game. Unfortunately, things were not looking great for the IP, and most would assume that after multiple delays, it would have been pushed out of 2020 altogether. That wasn’t the case as CD Projekt Red stuck to its plans and got the game into the marketplace in December of last year. Unfortunately, as you all know, this was a pretty horrible build. Since its release, the developers have actively worked on patches to bring the game up to their standards.

As a result of the patches and updates being handled, several elements were pushed back. Instead of getting the expansion announcements as planned before release, they were kept back. Likewise, another element that fans were expecting was a multiplayer component. However, that was scrapped entirely. It’s too bad as the developers were hyping up the multiplayer component as being its standalone feature. With talks of being an AAA production, fans’ interests were piqued as they waited to see just what the studio would deliver.

While the production was scrapped, it looks like there are still plans to bring a multiplayer component into the game. Recently, CD Projekt Red released one of their biggest updates to the game so far. 1.3 brought a massive amount of updates and fixes to the game. We even have some of the first free DLC planned. With that said, it looks like dataminers could dive into the build and uncover some files with multiplayer in the name. Some files point out old multiplayer assets along with current multiplayer assets.

We don’t know what they are mainly offering just yet. So far, there are references to a scan directory and a gym directory. Perhaps this is a component that will be added to the game alongside a future expansion. Whatever the case ends up being, we’ll have to wait for the official announcement from the development studio.


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