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It’s easy to write off Cyberpunk 2077. When 2020 wrapped up and CD Projekt Red finally released Cyberpunk 2077, it was a mess. We don’t have to go back and list out all the details about what was missing or the broken features. However, I bring that up only because it’s also easy to not notice incredible details about the game. One fan recently took to Reddit and showcased his recent discovery of cartridge shells.

You might not have noticed it, but it looks like some detail was placed on the cartridge shells. When V fires their gun, you can see shells fly out from the weapon. That’s nothing new in video games. However, did you look at where the shells land? Some shells in video games don’t ever land, as they just magically disappear into the air. Others will fall down before vanishing off. In Cyberpunk 2077, they land on the ground and even have some physics.

In the gameplay captured, the player fires off an assault rife where shells land onto the ground and actually roll around. It’s easy to miss this little detail. Still, fans have pointed out that Cyberpunk 2077 is full of some incredible detail surprises. Unfortunately, this also comes with blatant issues that CD Projekt Red had to patch. Still, that’s quite the tiny little detail to place into the game, which can add a bit more immersion. Again, you can view the footage from the Reddit post embedded above.

For now, Cyberpunk 2077 fans are waiting on some official DLC to release. Unfortunately, we’ve seen CD Projekt Red push back the DLC to allow the studio more time to release updates. In the meantime, fans have taken up with mods to add some new experiences within the game. For starters, there was a popular mod recently released that added wall jumping back into the game. Likewise, another mod simply allows V to take a pocket radio with them. Hopefully, CD Projekt Red gives fans some incentives with their DLC to get players back into Night City.


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