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Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the biggest video games anticipated by players going into 2020. After CD Projekt Red got through with The Witcher 3 and its expansions, they began to market their next big RPG. Unfortunately, even after several delays, the game had a very messy launch. Graphical and technical issues resulted in this game getting pulled for months on the PlayStation storefront alone. Alongside the fact that players were actively refunding the game across all platforms.

Since then, the studio has been working on several updates and patches. These typically fix the game in a variety of areas rather than bringing out new features. With that said, the most significant update as of late was the jump to 1.3, and fans found that there was plenty of areas tweaked. Several bugs got taken out, along with the update fixing several missions that left players stranded without the ability to progress. However, the update also came with the first free DLC. Unfortunately, the DLC wasn’t anything major to bring back players who have already completed Cyberpunk 2077.

We got some cosmetic jackets along with a new vehicle and an alternative look to Johnny Silverhand. Now fans are hopeful that the next major update to 1.4 will bring something a bit more substantial. We’re not sure when the next major update will come, but fans have been chiming in online on what they would like to see added into the game outside of bug fixes. There are, of course, features that would be nice to see officially brought in and not through mods like wall jumping.

Fans have also felt that the crowds of NPCs are too common. We see duplicate characters together despite the developers trying to eliminate the probability of the same NPC showing up. Night City is a lively world, so, unfortunately, we’re not getting more diverse crowds of characters roaming around. Although there’s also a big issue that fans have been dealing with since they first started the game. That’s, of course, not being able to customize V after their initial creation.

CD Projekt Red didn’t provide any services within the game that allowed players to alternate their looks outside of clothing. Even tiny little areas like changing up the hairstyle or length of nails are not present. Another aspect that fans would like to see brought in soon is a New Game Plus mode. There are quite a few gamers out there who have already completed the game, so hopefully, with 1.4, we get some incentive in returning to Night City. That’s, of course, outside of having to wait for a significant expansion to come out.


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