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Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the most anticipated video game titles for 2020. After fans finally got their hands on the game in December of last year, it was soon realized just how much work was still needed from CD Projekt Red. Since the launch, the developers have been going back and supplying the game with several patch updates. We’ve recently just had the biggest patch update with 1.3. That particular patch not only fixed several aspects of the game but also added in some free DLC.

However, the game is still not free from bugs. We have now found out that Cyberpunk 2077 made the jump to 1.31. This is a minor patch update, so don’t expect a massive list of fixes like the 1.3 update. Likewise, there is no free DLC this time around. With that said, the game did get a few additional elements fixed. I’m sure some fans hopeful that there wasn’t anything else breaking from this update. Included in the updates were correcting the slowed down reload time, corrected height from a charged jump, and tweaking the enemy stealth detection speed in correspondence to game difficulty.

There are also fixes to various quests to improve some progression issues players were having. Another issue that the 1.3 updates brought was the wet reflective roads were broken. That’s now been fixed once again to allow the streets to look damp and reflective once again. You can read the complete list of patch notes from the 1.31 update right here. This doesn’t fix everything, but hopefully, it clears some issues you might have been dealing with since the 1.3 update.

For other players, the patch updates are not enough to sway their return to Night City. Some players have already completed the game and are waiting on some notable DLC or expansions to show up. If you recall, the 1.3 updates did bring out some DLC, but it was just a couple of clothing items, a new vehicle, along with an alternative look to the Johnny Silverhand character model. That might not have been enough content to convince players to pick back up Cyberpunk 2077 again.


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