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Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the most anticipated video games releasing in 2020. So, of course, when it finally launched, it was a hot mess. CD Projekt Red is still actively developing patches for the game to fix various issues. However, alongside the developers, modders are also bringing out the content into the game. We might not have an official modding support system in place for the game, but some unique mods have still made their way online.

One of the latest mods that fans are starting to gravitate towards is the Grappling Hook mod. Cyberpunk 2077 is set in the distant future, and with it comes augmentations. Everyone has some augmentation to make their daily routines easier to manage. However, there are some limitations that fans might have seemed amiss not to include. For instance, traversing Night City could be a bit more fun if you could scale buildings quickly. Instead of using augmentations to boost V’s jump, players could use a grappling hook augmentation.

This mod allows players to use a grappling hook on any building. It works like Titanfall 2 in that players will have the grappling hook pull the protagonist up. Players need to ensure they are looking towards the anchor point to start the grapple, although you can also swing around with the hook placed. So you could swing around Night City like Spider-Man. However, the grappling hook will detach when you’re far enough away from the anchor point.

Of course, being a mod, the game might not be stable. The mod creator left a note on the Nexusmods page stating that the game can spontaneously crash when grappling. With that said, the creator has found no crashes from their end after installing CET 1.15. You can follow the guide on installing the mod properly within the official Nexusmod page right here. 


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