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The new patch for Cyberpunk 2077, Patch 1.3, is now live. Developers CD Projekt Red have promised all manner of bug fixes and enhancements in this patch — the list in the patch notes is so long it literally won’t all fit in a single article — but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s something the players want or need. So to get some idea of how players feel now that this patch has rolled out, I delved into the Cyberpunk subreddit.

The “CyberpunkGame” subreddit is not an easy audience to please — seriously, I thought I was hard on the game until I popped into this subreddit. And they’re not exactly happy with Patch 1.3, if a quick glance at today’s top posts is anything to go by. Players were recording the bugs and glitches they’re still getting as of the patch’s installation, including players disappearing, cars glitching out, and just generally things not being as wonderful as you’d hope for a game this far out from release.

Just for a bit of a cooler opinion, I visited a subreddit called “LowSodiumCyberpunk,” which, as the name suggests, is a bit of a more measured, chill community of fans of the game. Even they don’t seem too happy with the patch. Though there aren’t really complaints in that subreddit so much as a notable lack of enthusiastic response. It’s more of a muted, “Yeah, this is certainly a thing that exists.” I did see a few people responding that the patch is very large, which is certainly true.

Still, there are signs of hope. Players are reporting that the new minimap works great, and others are expressing delight that potential love interest Judy can now leave an actual gift in their apartment. Others are expressing delight that V’s cat will now sleep in other places around the apartment. While the patch doesn’t seem to have turned the game into an amazing experience, players are also enjoying the free DLC that was also released with the patch.

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