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CD Projekt Red has released details about the upcoming 1.3 Patch for Cyberpunk 2077. The new update is going to be enormous and apparently aims to address several of the problems players have had with the game since the beginning. CDPR teased the biggest updates earlier this week, but the biggest and the ones more likely to affect players going forward are the changes to the minimap and the perk reset options.

The list of updates is too big to keep them all straight here. Several cosmetics will roll out with the new update, including an alternate appearance for Johnny Silverhand. One of the changes that’ll help players avoid the most headaches is the changes to the minimap. According to the patch notes: “Improved the minimap’s zoom level when driving, so that it’s more zoomed out and easier to navigate.” This will make navigating in the game easier.

Another major change is the ability to reset perk points within the in-game menu. The patch notes read: “Added a button which allows reallocating the distribution of Perk points on a character’s skill tree.” CDPR says the number for the change will be around 13,200 eddies, at least according to the numbers shown in the update videos. Currently, it costs around 100,000 to purchase the shard necessary to do that in-game.

Perhaps the most amusing change, and strangely one of the ones that CDPR chose to highlight despite it not being a big deal gameplay-wise, is the update to the mission “Automatic Love.” Apparently, players were confused about which Doll to pick for a private moment, as the UI wouldn’t say which one was the male (Angel) and which the female (Skye), resulting in several players choosing the wrong one by accident. CDPR wants everyone to know this will be fixed in the upcoming patch. However, we don’t yet know when it’ll be out, except “soon.”


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