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Dead by Daylight has revealed the identity of its newest survivor in a Halloween-inspired video called “Hour of the Witch.” The new survivor is Mikaela Reid, a horror novelist who seems to have been caught in her Halloween costume. The trailer itself didn’t show her personal perks, but they were later revealed when she went live in the Player Test Build servers, and she’s not looking bad at all.

Behaviour describes Mikaela thus: “She brings light and life to a realm of darkness and death.” That sort of presages her healing and illuminating perks, so to speak. There’s a chance, based on her tattoos and the heavy tome she’s using, that she practices some kind of witchcraft (and that that’s not just a costume) and that’s what gives her the edge over the killers that will be pursuing her through the Fog.

One of her perks is called “Clairvoyance,” and it allows her to see the auras of items in her environment that activates immediately once she uses one of the following abilities: “Boon: Circle of Healing” cleanses a Dull or Hex Totem and turns it into a Boon Totem (which were revealed months ago, but Mikaela is the first to actually use one as far as I know) that heals anyone within radius. Another Boon Totem she can create, called “Boon: Shadow Step” conceals the auras of any survivors in radius from the Killer.

Overall, she seems like a cool character with some interesting perks. Just as a reminder, the most recent killer added to the game was Pinhead from the Hellraiser series, so she’s going to need all the help she can get. Pinhead launched in the game early this September, and we’ve been in need of a cool survivor to match him, and I think we’re getting her. Mikaela’s Hour of the Witch launches sometime next month.


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