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Behaviour, the developers of Dead by Daylight, have revealed the next crossover that’s coming to the game, and it’s none other than the Hellraiser series. More specifically, Pinhead the Cenobite is joining the game as a killer, though it’s not clear if any other elements of the franchise will be part of the game going forward. Given that Pinhead is the most recognizable part of the franchise, I’m not sure who would be the survivor that would accompany him into the game.

Fans were already speculating, based on other hints, that the next crossover would be Hellraiser — and if Dead by Daylight fans say it is so, that’s usually a pretty good guess. Behaviour finally outright confirmed the crossover in a tweet, and players on the test build have been able to play as Pinhead already. From the looks of things, he’s the only part of the Hellraiser series that’s made it into the game thus far, possibly to balance the Resident Evil crossover giving us two survivors.

This is far from the first time Dead By Daylight has crossed over with other horror franchises. Pinhead joins several other iconic film villains in the ranks of the game’s killers, including Michael Myers, Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, and Ghost Face (as well as game villains like Nemesis and Pyramid Head). From what we can tell, his skill set seems to be about disorienting survivors with status effects.

There is one horror villain who likely won’t be in the ranks for much longer. The license for the Stranger Things DLC is soon to expire and be removed from the game, and fans are rallying for Netflix to permit the franchise’s inclusion in the game for a while longer. If they can’t convince the streaming platform to allow that, then Steve, Nancy, and the Demogorgon will be leaving the game on November 17.


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