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Dead Space is a massive franchise. Although, we only received three mainline installments, and the original development studio had since been shut down. For years, fans have been waiting for EA to pick this IP back up and deliver another thrilling installment. During the EA Play 2021 stream, we got the big unveiling of a Dead Space remake. It’s also coming from an EA Motive, the studio that brought out the Star Wars Squadrons video game. Little details have come out about this remake, but today we’re finding out who is directing the title.

It looks like Ashraf Ismail will be directing Dead Space over at EA Motive. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, you might recognize Ashraf Ismail’s previous works. For over a decade, this individual was working at Ubisoft and had helped bring out a few Assassin’s Creed games. Most recently, Ashraf stepped into the director role for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Since then, the individual was fired from Ubisoft over misconduct

News broke that Ashraf will be the game director after he posted an update on his LinkedIn profile. But, of course, we’re still waiting on more information to emerge for this game. All we have seen so far is a small teaser announcing the remake. In a past interview, EA Motive told IGN that they were looking at the entire franchise for Dead Space when it comes to the remake. This game is a remake of the very first video game title from the franchise. However, we may see some features and ideas brought into this title from other Dead Space video game releases.

For now, it’s purely a waiting game when it comes to Dead Space news. Fans will continue to dissect all the little bits of information released as well. In fact, one fan noticed an Easter Egg from the Dead Space remake website. Hopefully, we’ll get some new details soon for the franchise, but now might be a good time to replay the past games and refresh yourself with the IP.


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