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The developers of the new Dead Space Remake revealed details about the new features of the game and how it’ll compare with the original in a special livestream. They revealed lots of cool things about the game, including the enemies, the atmosphere, the graphics, and lots of other things. And perhaps the biggest change between the two versions of Dead Space is that protagonist Isaac Clarke will be voiced this time around.

Isaac will be voiced once again by his Dead Space 2 voice actor, Gunner Wright, who returns to voice the character for the first time in years. The devs have put rules in place for Isaac speaking, though. In order to not spoil the feeling of isolation, Isaac won’t speak when he’s on his own, with most of his remarks confined to speaking with other people. He’ll also occasionally remark on something that an engineer would know. That means that he’ll still, for the most part, be relatively silent.

In addition to Isaac’s voice, viewers can expect a new dismemberment system, in which they’ll be able to flay flesh from the necromorphs in addition to just cutting off their limbs. It’s intended to give gamers a better idea of what kind of damage they’re doing. It looks pretty gory, which is kind of the point. There will also be the return of Isaac’s flight abilities.

The developers showed off the major difference between the graphics in the two games. The new game will have very atmospheric effects, while still keeping the general look of the original game. The build shown off in the stream is very, very early in development, but it was enough for viewers to get an idea of what to expect. They added that they’re not going to change anything from the story, as they believe the original stands up to the test of time.

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