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Dead Space Remake Will Stay True To Original Installment – Gameranx


There was quite the surprise reveal when EA unveiled a remake of Dead Space. For years, fans have been asking for EA to go back to the iconic horror franchise. Dead Space had been dormant for years, with only a handful of games that consist of spin-offs to mainline installments. However, things are about to change for this IP as EA Motive is hard at work to deliver fans another taste of the original installment. Although, for fans who might be worried the studio will make several changes, EA Motive is hoping to put some minds at ease.

EA recently uploaded a blog post that featured Mike Yazijan, Roman Campos-Oriola, and Philippe Ducharme. The three make up the art director, creative director, and senior producer at EA Motive. During their conversation, the three individuals commented on their plans when it comes to Dead Space. For starters, the three are incredibly passionate about the franchise, and they want to ensure that they stay true to the IP. As a result, there are not going to be any significant changes. Instead, fans can more or less expect the same storyline and gameplay moments.

This remake is simply rebuilding everything from the ground up. However, it’s being rebuilt to match the original installment. So while the team can look at the entire franchise to pick out some mechanics or moments to incorporate into the remake, fans won’t likely find anything too drastically different. Meanwhile, because the development studio is working with the Frostbite engine and new console hardware, more opportunities are to immerse players. For instance, the fast SSDs the latest platforms support allowed us to see a more seamless experience without loading screens.

Furthermore, there are now new collision models and lighting. The work EA Motive is putting into the game should allow the ability to add more mood and atmosphere. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see how the game is shaping up since all we have right now is a teaser alerting fans that a remake is coming. Rumors have been circulating online that a new showcase for Dead Space will be coming later this year. Perhaps during this next showing, we’ll have a launch window as well.


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