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When Hideo Kojima split off from Konami, there was a ton of attention and speculation on where he would go. After a period of silence, we found out that Hideo Kojima would establish his studio with Kojima Productions. Their debut title was Death Stranding, and leading the franchise was Norman Reedus, the actor. Now that Death Stranding is out, plenty of fans wondered just what would be next for the studio.

That eventually was answered with a new edition of Death Stranding. In September, we’re going to receive Death Stranding Director’s Cut. This would add in new content and features like the ability to go through past boss battles. It looks like Kojima Productions is not entirely done with the IP after the Directors Cut releases. Recently, Norman Reedus unveiled that he expects a Death Stranding sequel to come out from the studio.

It was reported that during a press meeting for The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus unveiled Death Stranding 2. This is not official as nothing came from Kojima Productions on this installment. Norman Reedus said that his team is currently working on negotiations with Kojima Productions for Death Stranding 2. We will see the actor reprise his role once again, but if negotiations go well and if Hideo Kojima opts to continue with this IP. For some, this might be a bit of a bummer to hear if they were hopeful of a new IP.

We’re still waiting on the Death Stranding Director’s Cut to hit the marketplace. That might also give players some more clues on what’s next for the franchise. With that said, there is bound to be some news soon as Kojima Productions is preparing the launch of Death Stranding Director’s Cut on September 25, 2021, exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen the studio touch the Xbox console quite yet. Death Stranding was only released for the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms. Likewise, as mentioned, the upcoming Directors Cut will be only available for the PlayStation 5. Whatever Kojima Productions does next, Xbox fans are hopeful the platform is also considered this time around.


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