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When Hideo Kojima stepped away from Konami, many fans wondered what was next for this legendary developer. The creator behind so many iconic games was free to go another established company. However, that didn’t happen as Hideo Kojima went to create his very own studio. Kojima Productions was unveiled, and their debut title would be Death Stranding. Now veteran fans can prepare to get a second helping of this game.

It wasn’t unveiled very long ago that Death Stranding would be receiving a new edition. Called Death Stranding Director’s Cut, there would be brand new content for players to go through. However, the battle Hideo Kojima is working on now is ensuring the launch trailer hits some hefty goals. Recently, Hideo Kojima took to his personal Twitter account to showcase just what the launch trailer needed to accomplish.

According to Hideo Kojima, the launch trailer would have to entice veteran fans to pick the game up once again. It would also have to appeal to newcomers who might have missed out on Death Stranding in the first place. Likewise, there was also the urge to get players to pick the game back up that might have stopped playing Death Stranding the first time midway through. That’s quite the goal list to check off. Still, we’re sure Hideo Kojima is capable of delivering something to pique players’ interests.

In other news regarding Death Stranding Director’s Cut, Hideo Kojima is not a fan of the title name. Hideo Kojima is a movie buff and knows that Director’s Cut means a film that adds content scrapped initially in the editing bay. That’s not the case for Death Stranding Director’s Cut. Instead, Kojima Productions has added new content into the mix. Instead, this was all brand new content. Players can dive into the upcoming Director’s Cut exclusively on the PlayStation 5 this September 24, 2021.


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