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There’s a new Easter egg waiting to shock players of Death Stranding: Director’s Cut — and it is spookily similar to P.T. Hideo Kojima’s cancelled Silent Hills, originally teased as P.T. in a surprise drop, is one of lingering ghosts of video game lore — a strange demo that just feels cursed. Ever since P.T. was pulled from online storefronts by Konami, only players that still have P.T. installed on their PS4s can play today. The demo was unforgettably scary, and Death Stranding: Director’s Cut infuses some of that energy in a way we didn’t see in the original release version.

Like the other Easter eggs, this is set in Sam Bridges’s Private Room — which featured a bunch of other creepy Easter eggs, including a few weird ones from your baby companion. In more than one instance, your little buddy would smash his head through the glass when you approach, or twist around to reveal he has the head of Oscar winning director Guillermo del Toro. Yes, seriously.

And this Easter egg is the creepiest one so far. Even creepier than the black hands appearing under your bed.

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Included only in the Director’s Cut, there’s a new scene that randomly triggers after visiting your Private Room. When Sam wakes up from his bed, the Private Room is very dark — and the creepy figure of a B.T. is visible in the shower. Looking at the shower, the camera shifts to a first-person perspective, witnessing the B.T. twitch inside the shower container and break free, leaping directly at the player.

While there aren’t any direct P.T. references here, it is clearly Silent HIll inspired. The faceless figure with the bobbing, hyper-active twitching head? That’s totally straight out of the Silent Hill playbook. Considering Hideo Kojima was a hair’s breathe about from making his own Silent Hill game, and rumors still abound that the project will (somehow) continue under Sony, maybe the infamous game director still has Silent Hill on the brain. I’m certainty hoping he doesn’t give up his horror aspirations anytime soon.

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