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It appears that Hideo Kojima hasn’t forgotten about the failed P.T. project any more than we have, as an Easter egg referencing the playable teaser has been found within the recently released Death Stranding Director’s Cut. It’s not just a single static image or anything like that: No, the player can get full-on attacked by the same ghost that attacked them in P.T. and I can’t decide whether it’s a nice touch from Kojima or a bit of a cruel tease.

One of the first people who spotted it was YouTuber Suzi the Sphere Hunter, and footage of the full Easter egg later surfaced on Reddit. Sam Porter Bridges wakes up in his little apartment and sees what looks like someone standing in the shower. As he edges closer to it, the camera shifts into first-person mode, and the thing in the shower starts jittering around. It finally jumps out of the shower, straight at the camera, and Sam wakes up for real. Sphere Hunter and everyone else immediately clocked it as a P.T. Easter egg.

It is a bit strange because the figure doesn’t look very much like the classic silhouette of Lisa that we all remember — it’s not wearing a dress, for starters. It does have the same head jitters that she does, and then it attacks Sam in the same way that Lisa does the player in P.T. Remember that Norman Reedus plays both Sam and the unnamed protagonist of P.T. so it appears that the ghost isn’t prepared to leave him alone even when he’s in another game.

It’s certainly not the only new content to be found in the Death Stranding Director’s Cut, but it’s probably the most meaningful to those who remember the original P.T. and mourn the fact that Kojima’s Silent Hills project never made it to fruition.


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