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During Gamescom ONL 2021, we saw the event get wrapped up with Death Stranding Director’s Cut. This video game has been called the definitive edition, which will come with everything from the base game and new content. But, unfortunately, it’s only slated for the PlayStation 5 right now. During the highlight, we got some details about the game and what we can expect when it launches this September.

This edition comes with a ton of new features and additions. We have a few notable category updates throughout the video highlight, which you can view in the video embedded above. For instance, we know that there is a new delivery support system placed into the game. Thrusters will now allow players to jump from great heights without having a harsh impact when landing. In addition, there’s a new catapult that will enable players to launch cargo across great distances and even a Buddy Bot. With the Buddy Bot, players can strap cargo to the android, and it will help carry the load.

Additionally, there are new weapons and delivery missions for our protagonist. Fortunately, during your journey, you’ll find the ability to cover some more extensive ground thanks to jump ramps. These ramps will allow players to make massive leaps on their vehicles. Players can even pull off a few tricks mid-air. Another element for players that who have already played through the game might enjoy is boss battles. If you enjoyed the boss battles, then you’ll be delighted to know that Death Stranding Director’s Cut offers the ability to replay boss battles as much as you’d like.

Again, this game is only slated to launch for the PlayStation 5. Some fans are hopeful that they’ll see this title release on other platforms, but right now, you’ll need to own the elusive PlayStation 5 console. Currently, Death Stranding Director’s Cut is launching on September 24, 2021.


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