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Hideo Kojima has released the final trailer for Death Stranding Director’s Cut. This was a game project that Kojima Productions has been working on since the launch of Death Stranding. We knew that Hideo Kojima was struggling to come up with trailers as he made a note of all the goals it needed to accomplish. For instance, Hideo Kojima was required to showcase a trailer that would appeal to players that never played Death Stranding along with those that enjoyed the game already. Now the final trailer is released, and you can check out the footage in the video embedded above.

Death Stranding has a strong following. After Hideo Kojima split off from Konami and started his studio, Kojima Productions, Death Stranding became their debut title. Instead of moving on to another game project, Hideo Kojima and his team stayed back with the IP a bit longer. Death Stranding Director’s Cut is a PlayStation 5 exclusive, and it contains everything from the base game and several new features. It’s worth noting that while the title says it’s a Director’s Cut, none of the content added into the game was scrapped from the original title. Instead, these were brand newly implemented features.

This time around, Included is the ability to replay boss battles, new means of transportation, and some additional gear to keep Sam Bridges safe. One of those is new thrusters that allow players to land from a greater distance without taking damage. In addition, if you want to transport more packages easily, the game includes a bot that can also walk with you and carry various cargo pieces.

We’re uncertain just what is after the launch of Death Stranding Director’s Cut at this point. While this might get more players enjoying the IP, we could see Kojima Productions move onto something else. However, there is the possibility that we might be sticking to the IP a bit longer. This comes from the leading protagonist actor for Death Stranding, Norman Reedus. While we don’t have anything official, the actor did mention a sequel.

It wasn’t long ago that Norman Reedus commented on his team negotiating with Kojima Productions. Apparently, the actor is interested in reprising his role for a Death Stranding sequel. Norman Reedus didn’t go into detail about the sequel. But it seems that the studio is interested in keeping up with the Death Stranding universe a bit longer. Although, with the actor not starting production yet, it may be a good while before we see a sequel unveiled.


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