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In Deathloop, you’ll earn powerful Slab powers by defeating your targets. But, just earning powers is the first step. You’ll also want to unlock all the Slab Upgrades — powerful trinkets you can slot into your Slab powers to make them even more useful. I’d go so far as to say certain Slab powers are almost useless, but once you add Slab Upgrades, they become completely indispensable.

Slab upgrades turn your drab powers into forces of nature. You can cause Nexus links to spread like a disease on the battlefield, or swap places with enemies using Shift. You can recharge power while dishing out damage with Havoc, or unleash explosive blasts by slamming enemies onto the ground with Karnesis. Each Slab Upgrade can be used for a different purpose. Whether you’re destroying entire arenas full of enemies, or enhancing your powers of stealth, these are all the Slab Upgrades in the game. I recommend getting them all ASAP.

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All Slab Upgrades | Complete List

To unlock Slab upgrades assassinate Visionaries or defeat Julianna. Depending on her power, she can drop one or two random Slab upgrades.


  • Reach: You can travel further – and higher – when using Shift.
  • Swapper: Shift can be used to swap your position with that of an enemy. Get creative.
  • Dropkick: Kicking during a use of Shift produces a powerful (and dangerous) sonic boom.
  • Airborne: Using Shift in mid-air briefly halts your fall.


  • Euphoria: The more damage you take while using Havoc, the more damage you dish out.
  • Withdrawal: Regain power by damaging your foes while using Havoc. Invigorating!
  • Bulwark: Hits don’t drain Power, but Havoc drawins Power faster. Also, you move slower.
  • Backlash: When Havoc ends, you release a powerful and damaging blast.


Parasite: When someone affected by Nexus takes damage, you regain health.
Influence: Enemies affected by Nexus spontaneously create connections to others nearby.
Protraction: Nexus drains your power at a slower rate.
Attraction: Nexus projectiles home in on enemies until they become unstable.


Zone: Use Karnesis to push away multiple enemies for some much-needed breathing room.
Slam: Using Karnesis again on affected enemies violently hurls them down.
Flesh Bomb: Enemies affected by Karnesis land with a damaging blast.
Suspension: Enemies thrown by Karnesis hover helplessly in the air. Easy pickings.


Erase: While Aether is active, killing an enemy doesn’t leave a trace.
Ghost: Aether doesn’t consume Power while you’re standing still.
Phase: Damage doesn’t deactivate Aether, and you suffer less damage while it’s active.
Flicker: Attacking while using Aether makes you appear briefly, but doesn’t halt the effect.

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