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Deathloop has plenty of fans eager to take on the role of Colt. However, if you wanted to get a bit more insight into the game, then you’ll want to sit in on the developer AMA. Unlike traditional AMA’s, which are held on Reddit, Arkane Studios will hold their own AMA through their official Discord server. Here players can submit their questions and see what developers have to say about the game.

The AMA will be held tomorrow, July 30, 2021, at 12 PM ET. According to the official Deathloop Twitter account, players can ask just about whatever they want when it comes to the game. Now it might not get answered, but we should see plenty of new details about this upcoming title. For instance, we might get some information on the combat mechanics, special abilities, level designs, to even PC system requirements.

As mentioned, anyone can join in and submit questions. Discord is a free communication client with the ability to make your own servers. It’s worth noting that the server is not strictly just Deathloop either. Instead, fans can talk among themselves and developers within different categories such as past titles like Prey or the upcoming Deathloop and Redfall.

Currently, Deathloop is set to launch on September 14, 2021, for the PlayStation 5 and PC platforms. While Arkane Studios is now technically under Microsoft’s Xbox first-party studios, the PS5 timed exclusivity deal is still intact. As a result, we’ll likely see Deathloop hit the Xbox Series X/S platforms within September of 2022.


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