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Deathloop is slated to release this September. While we are getting closer to the release date, the Arkane Studios decided to hold an AMA. As a result, we got a few more details about what to expect during the conversation with fans when the game hits the marketplace. One of those details that came out during the AMA was some incentive for playing as Julianna. It looks like this character will have their own progression with the ability to unlock gear.

According to the developers, Julianna will have the ability to unlock gear by scoring up points. To get points, players will need to complete a series of objectives within the game. These objectives can range from killing Colt in specific ways, surviving for a set amount of time, to damaging Colt. We, of course, don’t have the complete list of objectives yet. Still, it does look like there should be some exciting ways to hone your skills as an assassin when playing as Julianna.

If you don’t recall, Julianna is a highly-skilled assassin in the game world. While Colt is tasked with taking out multiple targets, Julianna only has to take out Colt to restart the loop. Within the AMA, it was also asked about how much Julianna will communicate with Colt. While the trailer shows the character speaking up a bit more frequently, the developers confirm that was just for the gameplay video.

Julianna will only banter with Colt when entering a district or during a pivotal moment in the storyline. It doesn’t look like we’ll have to sit in on their conversations throughout the entire game. Currently, Deathloop is slated to release into the marketplace on September 14, 2021, for the PC and PlayStation 5 platforms.

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