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DEATHLOOP has its first Easter egg right at the beginning, and its about as unsubtle as Easter eggs can be. While approaching a locked door, the message “You Know The Code” appears in white text — but some of us might be thinking about a different code. An unintended code. There’s one code die-hard Easter egg lovers know by heart, and you can use it to unlock a secret trophy in the early moments of DEATHLOOP.

While your main character Cole is still trying to remember his name, you’ll walk straight into a keypad. Your very first keypad. The game will eventually straight up tell you the code you need, but you can try a different code — one with a very long history in the video game industry. We’ll explain all the details below, but this is a very simple Easter egg with a lot of baggage to unravel. If you’ve been following our Easter egg guides for long, you’ll already know. Yep, the 0451 code returns.

How To Unlock The ‘Old Habits Die Hard’ Trophy

Unlocking this secret trophy / Easter egg is extremely simple, but the reasons why this exists at all are more complicated. Let’s start with just the unlock conditions.

  • Old Habits Die Hard Trophy Guide: At the very first keypad, input the code 0451 to unlock this trophy and get a special line of dialogue from Cole.

That’s literally it! So, what is the 0451 code? The code 0451 appears in System Shock 1, System Shock 2, and it is the very first code in Deus Ex. As explained by Warren Specter of Looking Glass Studios (the creators of Thief: The Dark Project) the code 0451 was actually the door code for the Looking Glass Studios offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

What we all might’ve assumed was a reference to the Ray Bradbury classic Fahrenheit 451 is actually just a simple coincidence. The code 0451 is so infamous among game developers that it just keeps reappearing. The code appears in System Shock spiritual sequel Bioshock, Thief spiritual sequel Dishonored, Prey, and even games that are totally unlike the rest — The Last of Us: Part 2. Even Hitman 3 throws around this hidden code. Any game with keypads, codes, and a desire to continue the lineage of video gaming’s most important keycode.

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