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Deathloop is one of the games that players have been eagerly awaiting to see launched into the marketplace. Fortunately, that game finally made its way out, and you can pick up a copy right now. Just like with most video games, developers often put in a few little secrets. Some of which are based around the game lore, while others are more easter egg jokes. While players are already completing the game, there might be a reason to go back and check things out once again.

Fans have been reporting different secrets they have uncovered within the game. However, not all the secrets have been discovered quite yet. There’s one secret in particular that level designer, Julien Eveille, is hoping to see get found soon. Although, don’t expect too many hints as to where this secret is located. Using their personal Twitter account, Julien Eveille stated that the internet didn’t find everything hidden in Deathloop so far. 

So far, there is one secret thing in particular that the developer would love to see uncovered. When fans pressed Julien for more information, they said that there was nothing all that hidden away. Instead, it’s more on the nose, and it looks like there is something players will need to do during the day in order for it to trigger. That should spark quite a few gamers hunting away to find this secret. On the other hand, since it’s not something too hidden away, that should make the hunt fairly easy to go through, depending on how many players are actively searching for it.

At any rate, this is a game that players can enjoy right now, as I already mentioned. While it developed under Arkane Studios, which Microsoft now owns, the game still launched as a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 5 and PC platforms. So Xbox Series X/S players, along with Game Pass subscribers, should see this game pop up sometime next year. For now, you can check out our Before You Buy episode coverage on Deathloop in the video embedded above.


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