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Deathloop Has Officially Hit Gold Status – Gameranx


It’s official, Deathloop has gone gold. This is a moment that development studios strive for with their video game productions. Hitting gold means the game developers have reached the point of development that they can manufacture discs. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be day one patches that are required. Having an update patch right at the start of the game launch is a bit normal these days, but at the very least, this should mean that the game won’t be delayed.

Again, usually, when you see a game hit gold status, it’s a good indication that we’re on schedule for its set release. However, we can also look back at CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077. As you all can likely remember that game was hit with delays after reaching the gold status. Hopefully, that’s not the case for Arkane, as they announced their gold status through the official Deathloop Twitter account. Thus, players can expect to dive into this game on September 14, 2021, again, just as long as there are no unforeseeable delays.

This is one of the more anticipated video game titles coming out this year. Unfortunately, Deathloop is in a timed exclusive deal with Sony. As a result, this game won’t be available for the Xbox Series X/S at launch. Instead, players will have to either pick this game up on the PC or PlayStation 5 platform. The development studio has recently featured an AMA. During the AMA fans could ask a series of questions regarding the game mechanics and features.

For instance, we learned that the developers have made Julianna with her own progression. This should allow players to unlock some gear by playing this optional character. Likewise, the game will not have a difficulty option. Rather than selecting a difficulty, the game will feature adaptive difficulty. This system will adjust towards how well the player is doing. To better look at Deathloop, you can check out the official gameplay walkthrough trailer in the video embedded above.


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