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There’s one mystery that plagues players of Deathloop right at the start. There’s a strange automaton called the “Queen of Riddles” in one of the first areas you explore called Karl’s Bay. This section of Blackreef is populated with old houses, and the Queen of Riddles is inside one that’s very clearly marked. Finding the queen is easy, but answering all ten of her questions is a lot harder. There are two options for getting all these quiz answers right — you can search the island for lore, or you can loop over and over while attempting to get all 10 questions right.

Or you can pick a third option. We’ve got all the questions listed below for quick browsed. The questions are asked in totally random order, so press [Ctrl+F] to search for the questions you need. There are only ten, and the answers are always the same — but it might take you a very long time to find some of these answers. We’ve got the entire game solved. For putting in all the correct answers, you’ll unlock the “A Charlie Montague Game” trophy / achievement.

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How To Answer All Yerhva Quiz Questions | Solutions Guide

The Yerhva automaton machine is located in Karl’s Bay, near the exit from the tunnels. Take the right door, and you’ll reach a cliffside leading to a building marked with “Queen of Riddles” on the side. The machine has 10 questions that it will ask in random order. To win, you need to answer all 10 questions correctly.

The questions are asked in random order each time. But, the questions are always the same and always have the same answers.

  • Q: From what seed did AEON spring?
    • A: [6] The shared ambitions of Harriet Morse, Ego Serling, and Dr. Wenjie Evans.
  • Q: AEON graces this island as kaleidoscopic jewels upon the neck of the world’s greatest beauty. What seeks the Program?
    • A: [3] The advancement of human potential and enlightenment.
  • Q: Harriet Morse is the gatekeeper, Blackreef the gate. A veil hangs across the threshold. What do we discover when it parts?
  • Q: Before AEON’s arrival, Blackreef slept in frozen utero, awaiting new purpose. Who then made landfall, awakening her from slumber?
    • A: [2] Colt Vaugh and Egor Serling, on a voyage of discovery.
  • Q: Decades ago, warmongers toyed with the temporal tides eddying about Blackreef. Their sigil-marked temples stand still. What named their doomed enterprise?
  • Q: The wriggling, writhing energies of the Loop have been harvested to gift us with abilities beyond our biological potential. What birthed our trinkets and slabs?
    • A: [7] Dr. Wenjie Evans personally engineered each one.
  • Q: Karl’s Bay has worn many faces, most as lost to time as Karl himself. What was its most recent incarnation prior to AEON’s arrival?
    • A: [3] A military air base.
  • Q: Blackreef boasts a bountiful feast for the senses. Which transcendent work towers above the island’s myriad other artistic pursuits?
    • A: [7] The nose, chin, and eyes of Charles Montague.
  • Q: Sink your toes into the dark earth and let the vibrations of her voice course through your bones. From whence did this island derive her name?
    • A: [8] Coastal coral formations.
  • Q: The Boy, the Rock, and labyrinthian Updaam wear AEON colors proudly, but that decor belies their history. From whence came the names that grace them?
    • A: [5] They date back to a lost fishing colony.

For answering all the questions correctly, you’ll unlock the ‘A Charlie Montague Game‘ trophy. No rewards. That’s it! Thanks for playing.

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