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Frank Spicer is the only Visionary that completely cuts Slab powers out of the equation. Frank locks himself up in his fancy club in the morning, quickly moving to a far-off stage for a massive fireworks show late at night. He isn’t just the only Visionary with no powers — he’s also the Visionary you can kill with an accident. By sabotaging the fireworks in the morning, Frank will automatically die in the evening. That makes him the most convenient assassination target, even if you can’t get any rewards from him.

To complete the “perfect” day and git all the Visionaries, you have to use this method. To get rid of all the Visionaries, you’ll have to rearrange schedules and get as many of them in one place as you can, all while efficiently using your time to visit each area of the island only once. You can’t go in for re-visits. Frank has a big weakness, and we’re going to exploit it for an extremely easy defeat. Here’s how to complete the Visionary Lead, and how you can easily repeat it daily.

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How To Kill Frank Automatically | Walkthrough

Go to Harriet’s Hangar in Karl’s Bay (Morning) and read the e-mail in her bedroom. Its the second private message between Julianna and Harriet.

  • Next, read the note to the “Guest” on Frank’s computer in his club. Go to his Studio, and upstairs to his bedroom. There’s a computer here with a valuable note about a crate of fireworks.
    • The fireworks container is located in front of Hangar 2 (Harriet’s hideout) in Karl’s Bay. Read the note attached to the container to learn more.
  • To get the code for the container, go to Otto’s in Updaam (Morning) to stop it from burning down. Otto’s is near Dorsey Manor, just down the street from the entrance.
  • Inspect the Fireworks Machine to see it drawing power from five conduits. You need to find and destroy all five.
    • Power Box #1: Behind the workshop.
    • Power Box #2: Inside the workshop.
    • Power Box #3: On the balcony outside Colt’s apartment.
    • Power Box #4: In the second floor apartment across the street from Otto’s.
    • Power Box #5: In the basement of the library.
  • After disabling all the power, Otto’s Workshop will no longer burn down. Make sure to return to Updaam to get the code Noon or later! If you miss the code, you’ll have to stop the shop from burning down again.
  • Return to Otto’s Workshop and read the e-mail on his computer. It contains the code. Now we can return to the Fireworks crate in Karl’s Bay.
  • Before you can sabotage the fireworks, you need to go to Fristad Rock (Morning) and kill Frank at least once. Get inside his Recording Studio and listen to the audio device on the seat inside the booth. This reveals the weakness you need.
  • Next, travel to Karl’s Bay (Afternoon) and return to the fireworks container. Use the terminal and select to sabotage the “rain flaps”.

With the fireworks sabotaged, Frank will automatically kill himself in Updaam (Evening) — nothing you need to do!

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