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Put an end to Deathloop. By defeating all the Visionaries in one day, Colt can destabilize the infinitely repeating cycle and break everyone free. The Visionaries are all deeply evil people, and the loop is only making everyone even more insane. They don’t perceive time. They can’t progress. Their memories are reset at the end of the day, forcing them to repeat an endless nightmare. Dr. Wenjie might’ve planned to end the loop after 50 years, but there are signs that the loop has gone on much, much longer than that.

Destroying the loop isn’t going to be easy. To end it, Colt needs to kill all the Visionaries. To protect the loop, all the Visionaries have enacted a protocol to stay as far away from each other as possible. They’re sequestered each in a massive lair crawling with guards. They’re all so far away, and only available at certain times, that killing all 8 is literally impossible at the start of the game. It can’t be done.

So you’ll have to get creative. Below you’ll find the exact steps it takes to kill all 8 Visionaries in a single day. Written below is (essentially) a full walkthrough of the entire game. Stretch out those morning aches, because we’re about to have a very busy day ahead of us.

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How To Break The Loop | Walkthrough

  • Step #1: Karl’s Bay (Morning)
    • Assassinate Harriet. She can only be assassinated in the morning.
      • NOTE: This is much easier with the Steel Lungs Personal Trinket. You can sneak into Hangar 2 through the gas-filled vent under the docks.
    • Assassinate Frank. Sabotage the fireworks in Otto’s Workshop container. Use the computer and select the “rain flaps” option. This will cause Frank to die automatically in Updaam (Evening).

For more information on assassinating Frank with fireworks, check out the guide here.

  • Step #2: The Complex (Noon):
    • Ruin Egor’s Experiment. Make Egor go to the party by accessing the invisible terminal on the pipeline beneath his lab. Input the code for the antennae that successfully picks up a future broadcast.
  • Step #3: Fristad Rock (Afternoon):
    • Assassinate Fia and Charlie. Enter Bunker 9 (right shoreline from the main entrance to Fia’s Fractured Image lair) and sneak into the Pumping Station.
      • NOTE: To kill them both easily, sneak to the top level of the Pumping Station (Aether makes this easier) and enter the Control Room. Flip the flooding switch, then circle back around to the exit door. Hack the door and leave.

For more information on assassinating Fia and Charlie at the same time, check out the guide here.

  • Step #4: Updaam (Evening):
    • Assassinate Aleksis. He is always in Updaam attending his party. Use any means of assassination — the Meat Grinder on the Comedy Stage is a safe method.
    • Assassinate Egor. He will be much more vulnerable at the party. He’ll go to the party as long as you sabotage his experiment earlier.
    • Assassinate Wenjie. There’s just one Wenjie this time. She’ll go to the party if you talk to 2-Bit and bring the machine a voice clip of Aleksis (use the doll in the library) to make her a better offer.

For more information on assassinating Aleksis, Egor and Wenjie at the party, check out the guide here.

  • Step #5: Finale
    • Assassinate Julianna. Complete the Visionary Lead by accessing the Archival Office in Updaam (Afternoon) then collecting all the audio passwords by exploring all the Horizon bunkers. This gives you access to the RAK bunker near the Archival Office in Updaam.
    • Once you’ve killed all 7 other Visionaries, travel to the RAK bunker and use the airplane to reach Julianna’s location.

Once you confront Juliana, make your choice. Pull the trigger to end it.

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