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Good trinkets are as essential as guns in Deathloop. They’re the only way to permanently upgrade yourself, and the right weapon trinkets can make a crummy gun into a great one. As you progress down your assassination list, you’ll find more trinkets (at higher rarities) dropped from enemies or from other Visionaries. There are lots of ways to get trinkets, but there’s only one way to make them for yourself.

There’s no reason to visit Karl’s Bay in the afternoon. Your only target in the bay is Harriett, and she’s only available in the morning. After that, she shelters herself in a cottage far away from the rest of the Visionaries. That means you’ll have no reason to go back to Karl’s Bay, and you can’t even take part in the big unique gun side-quest until the evening. If you really want to farm for trinkets, you can absolutely do that in the afternoon. All you need is a good one-handed gun and the will to blast visitors from another dimension.

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How To Craft Trinkets With The Trinket Fabricator

To find the Trinket Fabricator, travel to Karl’s Bay (Afternoon) and enter the two-story building across the street from the left tunnel exit.

  • How To Use The Collector: Grab the Collector from the yellow machine, then flip the switch on the generator near the tall antennae. This will summon “visitors” — enemies from other loop timelines.
  • Visitors will appear for four minutes. Use an off-hand weapon (pistol, revolver, SMG) while carrying the Collector in your right-hand.
    • You’re on a time limit, so run around Karl’s Bay and hunt as many visitors as you can. The more you kill and collect, the better the quality of trinket you’ll earn.
  • Look at the Collector in your hand. You need to fill the meter — gray is for common trinkets, blue for rare, and purple for legendary.
  • When you’re done hunting, insert the Collector into the yellow machine. While the machines works, Eternalists will attack from all angles. Fight them off.
    • Wait for the siege to end and you’ll be rewarded with four random trinkets matching the tier level you reached with the Collector.

You can only craft trinkets once per run in Karl’s Bay (Afternoon), but if you collect enough, you can earn a quick x4 Epic Trinkets. Not a bad way to earn some trinkets! Sure, you can hunt (and defeat) Visionaries to get more, but this is a fun alternative to farming.

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