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Check out one of the weirdest trophies / achievements in recent memory. In Deathloop, you can unlock the Deathday trophy / achievement by taking out 14 ‘Mostly Naked Guys’ — seriously, they’re just guys that are mostly naked. There’s one of these guys in every single instance of the map. You don’t need to get them all on a single day, this is a cumulative challenge so you can take the guys out in any order you want, over as many loops as you need. Doing the math, if you’ve never taken any of these guys out, it takes at least 4 cycles to get them all.

And you’ll almost assuredly find at least a few of these guys while exploring the chaotic isle of Blackreef. The Eternalists are a rowdy bunch, and I don’t know how this ‘Mostly Naked Guy’ manages to keep going in the bitter cold — you’ll find them milling around solo, in crowds, in pools of blood, or hiding in love dungeons. Most of them are pretty easy to find, but those few that are hiding are a real pain in the mostly-naked behind. Here’s where to get them all.

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Find (and shoot) all 14 ‘Mostly Naked Guys’ to unlock the Deathday Suite trophy / achievement. Its one of the weirdest little challenges, and finding them all can be pretty challenging. The naked guys are sometimes completely painted, making them (relatively) tricky to spot in crowds of eternalists. If you’re lost, here’s where we found them all.

  • Mostly Naked Guy #1: The Complex (Morning) – Exit through the left tunnel and enter the underground bunker doors. The guy is in the center of the room, under the command center.
  • Mostly Naked Guy #2: Updaam (Morning) – Opposite the Archives Office, on the concrete cliff’s edge connected to the RAK door, the naked guy is standing in a pretty obvious spot.
  • Mostly Naked Guy #3: Karl’s Bay (Morning) – In the alley behind the Dawn of Reason bar or nearby, in the tunnel-like path down from the Fathoms of Lament.
  • Mostly Naked Guy #4: Fristad Rock (Morning) – Found on the security office pier attached to the lower entrance of Frank’s Club.
  • Mostly Naked Guy #5: The Complex (Noon) – Exit through the left tunnel, and go through the canyon, past the bunker entrance, and to the curved road with the small container office and yellow utility vehicle outside of Array Y. The guy is hanging around the vehicle on the street.
  • Mostly Naked Guy #6: Updaam (Noon) – On the balcony behind the CANDY Bar.
  • Mostly Naked Guy #7: Fristad Rock (Noon) – Inside the cavern club to the right of the road leading to Frank’s Club. He’s standing behind one of the bars.
  • Mostly Naked Guy #8: The Complex (Afternoon) – Go past the bunker entrance to the military road with the Delivery Booth (near the bunker exit you used in the previous timezone) that’s full of wrecked cars. The guy hangs out under the crane.
  • Mostly Naked Guy #9: Updaam (Afternoon) – In front of the library, one of the Eternalists listening to the band is a naked guy.
  • Mostly Naked Guy #10: Karl’s Bay (Afternoon) – Inside Hangar 1, on the raised section with the sound systems. Enter through the doors near the old airplane.
  • Mostly Naked Guy #11: Fristad Rock (Afternoon) – In the same exact location as the naked guy in Fristad Rock (Noon). He’s at the bar to the right of the Frank’s Club road in the cavern.
  • Mostly Naked Guy #12: The Complex (Evening) – Exit through the right tunnel door. You’ll find the naked guy on the ground dying in the snow. Shoot him quickly before he dies naturally.
  • Mostly Naked Guy #13: Updaam (Evening) – Still in front of the library, standing on one of the tall stage pillars.
  • Mostly Naked Guy #14: Karl’s Bay (Evening) – Inside the Aeon Coital Center, a room to the right of the Dawn of Reason bar.

Shoot all of them just to be safe. If you manage to get them all, the ‘Deathday Suit‘ trophy should pop, and you can enjoy taking one step closer to the platinum / 100% completion.

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