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The hardest target to find in Deathloop is Julianna — she’s also the mysterious assassin that targets you right from the beginning of the game. Her shadows appear randomly during the day to hunt you down, controlled by the AI or by a rival player in the game’s chaotic multiplayer mode. The real Julianna is hidden somewhere nefarious. You won’t even have a clue to her location at the start. If you’re lost and need a hint to get you on the right track, we’ve got a full guide for Julianna’s location below. It is a lot more complicated than any of the other Visionaries on your kill list.

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How To Find Julianna | Walkthrough

Begin the Visionary Lead “Radio Silence” to begin the hunt. Go to Updaam (Morning / Noon) and exit the tunnels to the large gate near the cliffs on the right side of the map.

  • To the left of the gates (facing them) you’ll see a closed garage door with a poster of Julianna. Read the note on the wall to learn the someone will leave the garage door open in the Afternoon.

Return to Updaam (Afternoon) and go upstairs to the Archives Office. Inside, read the note sticking out of the shelves on the left side of the office.

  • The note reveals that the RAK facility audio password. Each code is random. Colt will automatically memorize the code.

Exit the Archival Offices and look for a concrete structure on the cliffside nearby — go down the stairs to a locked door. Use the passcode to get inside.

  • Inside the RAK, read the note posted to the door to get the keycode for the Power Station in The Complex. This is the area right outside the Loop Control Center — the large facility just opposite the field overlooking Wenjie’s Lab.

Go to the Power Station in The Complex (Morning). The Power Station area under the Loop Control Center is only open in the morning.

  • Input the code on the main terminal with the four switches. Use the code you acquired from the note in the Archival Office. Doing so will unlock the other switches and give you access to all four Operation Horizon bunkers on Blackreef.

To restore power to all the Operation Horizon doors, go downstairs from the control room and activate the generators. Each control switch requires two generators to be activated. There are six generators total.

  • To reactivate the generators, collect a battery (you can find out at the top of the stairs or in the Nullifiers the spawn if you’re caught) and charge it at the Charging Station in the small hallway between the two generator rooms.
    • Place the charged battery in a generator slot, then flip the switch. The battery will pop out. You can reuse the same battery multiple times. Just make sure it has enough charge!

Check all four Horizon Bunkers. You can check on future loops — you just need to get all the audio passcodes for the RAK. The locations of each bunker are marked on the maps at the switch terminal.

  • Visit all four bunkers (only three have codes) and return to the RAK. Inside, you’ll just have to overcome one final hurdle. To unlock the jet failsafe, you need to kill 7 out of 8 Visionaries.

That means you can only encounter Julianna at the very end of the cycle. You can’t find her quite yet — you need to kill all 7 Visionaries to unlock the jet and travel to her. When you travel to Julianna, you can finally end the cycle.

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