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One of the trickiest puzzles in Deathloop is found curiously close to home. Early in the game, you’ll have to retrace your steps and visit your home. Just one rooftap patio away, three Eternalist knuckeheads are playing games with lethal doses of inhalant. They’ve rigged up three keypads. Whoever survives their ‘pact of smoke’ gets to open the door and earn a prize. But the prize isn’t what anyone would expect.

To solve this puzzle, you need to mess with the game by changing which of the three contestants survives. By playing around with the gas dispenser, you can select which of the three won’t die from lethal gas inhalation. The only problem is, there’s very little clue where all three contestants are from. You’ll need to explore the map and find where they live to collect all three keycodes. The keycodes remain the same each cycle, and finding them all requires running through three entire loops just to sabotage their game, and then find each location somewhere else in Blackreef. Confused yet?

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How To Get All Three Apartment Codes | The Pact of Smoke Puzzle Guide

In the apartment across from Colt’s Luxury Suite in Updaam, you can find a rundown room with a special locked door. There are three keypad locks for the door, with three corresponding keycodes.

There is an inhaler hooked up to a machine in the corner near the door with three colored-coded tubes. Pressing the button switch which tube is “safe”. By switching these tubes, you’re essentially choosing which of the three members of the “pact” will survive. One will survive. The other two die.

  • How To Get All Three Keycodes: In Updaam (Morning), go to the rundown apartment and switch the active tube on the machine with three tubes (red / yellow / blue) — press the red button to switch. Depending on which color you’ve set, one of the three contestants will survive.

Then, return to Updaam (Night) and look on the table next to the TV in the apartment. A note will appear with one of the three keycodes. To get all three keycodes, you need to reset the loop three times. One loop for Red, one loop for Yellow, and one loop for Blue. Follow these steps.

  • 1) Start in Updaam (Morning) and go to the apartment.
  • 2) Switch the smoker to Red or Yellow or Blue. Depending on which you switch to, a different person will survive the “game”.
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