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For your first encounter with Aleksis, one of the 8 Visionaries you need to defeat in Deathloop, you’ll have no idea which one he is — everyone in his party is wearing a wolf mask. There’s more than one way to figure out which one is him, but there’s one method I like the most. You’ll need to be stealthy, otherwise you’ll have to fight (and kill) basically everyone at the party. If you’ve been taking out Visionaries, the Time Loop becomes increasingly unstable, with enemies wielding far more powerful weapons after each kill. That makes Aleksis one of the most dangerous. His castle party area is packed with dozens of Eternalists willing to protect their leader at any cost.

So you’re better off luring Aleksis out to reveal himself. You can wait for him to complete his comedy set on the presentation stage, or you can sneak under the bar and disable all the booze pipes to cut the party off. Both methods can lead to fun interactions, but there’s one method that’s guaranteed to put Aleksis on the dance floor. Everything you need to make it work is found in his main “home” area, so you won’t be travelling far. This is how to find (and assassinate) Aleksis your first time.

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Hunting Aleksis | Walkthrough

Aleksis (at first) is only available to kill in Updaam (Evening), where he’s attending a massive party at Dorsey Mansion. You can’t miss the massive fortress — but sneaking in is a lot trickier.

  • How To Sneak In: From the front entrance where the red carpet is laid out for attending guests, sneak along the cliffside to the right and use Shift to zip over to the open window.
    • Shift can be acquired from Charlie — I recommend going after him first.

Now that you’re inside the mansion grounds, you’ll want to identify the large red structure that looks much more modern. This is the stage where Aleksis is playing a sick game. You’ll find him inside with the crowd.

  • How To Identify Aleksis: Enter the large modern red auditorium structure with the tall two-story windows on the side. Use Shift to reach the rooftops and you can enter a utility door that leads straight to the ceiling. There’s a comedy game going on inside.
    • From this comedy theater, Shift into the open window above and left of the stage. Go right past the fireplace, and find the music mixer on the balcony. There’s a note here — read it.

To lure out Aleksis, we need to sample his music. The Music Mixer has four settings for four categories — Drums, Bass, Rhythm, and Solo. We need to find Aleksis’s personal mix and use it.

Go upstairs to Aleksis’s apartment. You can quickly reach his personal quarters with Shift. Shift onto the chandelier above the dance floor and up onto the balcony directly above. In the apartment, enter the bathroom and look next to the toilet to find his hidden music mixer. Take note of the settings.

  • Example: For me, the Music Mixer settings were…
    • Drums 2
    • Bass 3
    • Rhythm 4
    • Solo 1

Input these settings into the Music Mixer in the Sound Booth beneath his apartment, above the dance floor. The music will draw Aleksis out. Eventually Aleksis will dance — he’s armed with two gold SMGs on his side and back. That’s the easiest way to identify him.

Now you can take him out however you want. The room is packed with enemies, so you can mark him [D-Pad: Down] and then take him out later. For defeating Aleksis, you’ll gain the Karnesis Slab ability, so you can start throwing around Elementalist.

There’s much more that can be done with Aleksis, including luring other Visionaries to his party — like Egor. But, you’ll need to find a way to change Egor’s schedule before that can be done. There’s always more than one way to skin a Visionary cat, so this is just the first step in figuring out how to take them all out on the same day.

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