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In Deathloop, you’re trapped in a sadistic Groundhog Day scenario. Every time you die, you’re cursed to repeat the same day on an island packed with lunatics — thanks to the orders of the Visionaries. The leaders of Blackreef want you dead, and they’ll do anything to make it happen. Whenever you die, you lose everything you’re carrying on the reset except your memory. At least, at first.

Early in the game, you can use an ability called Infusion to unlock weapons and Slab abilities to carryover between loops. Infusion is done by spending a special resource called Residium, which you can also earn by junking items you’ve picked up before the end of the loop. When swapping areas or ending the loop, you’ll get a chance to Infuse items, and it absolutely needs to be the first slab you unlock.

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How To Keep Weapons & Slabs In Your Next Loop

To unlock Infusion, you need to travel to Wenjie’s Lab in The Complex (Afternoon). The lab is only open during the afternoon, and infiltrating the area will reveal Wenjie’s quirk — she’s summoned copies of herself. The entire lab is populated with Wenjies from different loops. Using her research, she can retain copies of herself after each loop. There are a total of 15 Wenjie in the lab, and to claim her Infusion Slab, you need to defeat all 15.

  • How To Get Infusion: Defeat Dr. Wenjie in her lab in The Complex (Afternoon). Defeat all 15 to pick it up, and make sure you don’t drop / die before ending the cycle.

Once you get Infusion, you’ll be able to spend Residium to keep Slab abilities and weapons. The cost is the same every time, and you can trade in extra junk. Make sure to trade in everything you can’t keep between loops, there’s no reason not to! You’ll just lose it anyway.

Be sure to infuse any new Slab you unlock. Those are some of the most valuable items in the game, so make sure you’ve collected enough residium to infuse BEFORE resetting the cycle. If you haven’t, go back and collect more residium (or weapons) to sell. If you reset the loop without infusing a slab, you’ll have to collect it again during a future loop. Defeating Visionaries doesn’t have to be incredibly hard — if you know what to do, it can be easy! But, you’ll want to use all those future defeats to upgrade Slabs.

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