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The twisted funhouse of Blackreef island gives you all sorts of options when assassinating the eight Visionaries that control the infinite cycle in Deathloop. Each of the eight leaders has their own twisted compulsions, having spent centuries trapped in a time loop with no escape, losing their minds over the many, many years — and some of them can only feel joy in death. When it comes to Aleksis, you can hoist him by his own petard by executing him with one of his own sick games. You’ll find him in the raging party at his vast estate.

Deep within the party grounds, there’s an auditorium where hapless contestants can play a little game for Aleksis (and his vistor’s) amusement. Everyone can tell one joke. If the crowd likes it, the contestant gets to live. If everyone hates it, they’re dropped into an active meat grinder and chopped up into little pieces. You can watch the show safely from the rafters above the stage — and even Aleksis gives the game a spin. But, his loyal sycophants would never push the big red button. You’ll have to do that yourself.

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How To Kill Aleksis With The Meat Grinder | Alpha Burger Guide

  • Alpha Burger: Kill Aleksis using his meat grinder.

To get the “Alpha Burger” Trophy / Achievement, you’ll need to score a special kill on Aleksis with the Meat Grinder. This is done in Aleksis’s mansion, when he arrives on the main stage to tell jokes. Anyone that fails in the crowd will be murdered with a Meat Grinder. All we have to do is get into position and wait for the right time to strike.

  • Go to Updaam (Evening) and infiltrate Aleksis Dorsey’s mansion, take the stairs up and enter the main theater room. Climb up to the ductwork hanging from the ceiling, and reach the booth with the trigger mechanism to the left, backstage and behind the sign.
  • Wait for Aleksis to walk onto stage and tell a joke. While he’s doing his standup routine, press the mechanism to drop him into the grinder. He’s easily identifiable by the dual gold SMGs he’s carrying — he’s wearing a black suit with a white wolf mask.

Once he’s on stage, you can press the red button. It’s along the left wall, behind the sign. You can hide in this spot and just wait for him to appear. It takes a few minutes. Easy! No extra information required. The hardest part is just infiltrating deep enough in his mansion to find this weird gameshow.

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