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The sinister Visionary Charlie forces Colt into his twisted game of live action role-playing. One of the eight targets you need to assassinate in Deathloop, Charlie’s mansion is a playground where intruders are hunted for sport. The intruder is selected by the computer, and every Eternalist in the area is tasked to hunt them down. The player, Colt, is the next intruder — but if you want to change the rules, you’ll have to do some preparations.

Charlie’s game is controlled by his dimwitted AI 2-Bit. You can change the rules of the game, but only if you hack the computer terminal in an entirely different area first. There’s a side-quest you’ll have to complete, then you can fight back against Charlie and bend the rules by reprogramming 2-Bit. This is one of the most fun ways to assassinate a target — and you barely have to do anything once you’re set! Here’s how to defeat Charlie by playing his game.

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How To Kill Charlie By Changing Condition Detachment Rules | Game Over Guide

  • Game Over: Kill Charlie within the rules of Condition Detachment.

To kill Charlie with 2-Bit, you’ll have to prepare things before going to his lair. First, you’ll need to unlock new commands for his computer. This is a separate side-quest that changes every time you attempt it, so the locations will never be the same after each loop.

  • How To Give 2-Bit New Commands: Go to Fristrad Rock (Afternoon) and find the Transmission Post in the middle of the area. Inside, there’s a computer terminal that begins an uplink signal. To complete the uplink, you need to find three satellite dishes and hack them.
  • The dishes appear in random locations every loop, but their locations appear on the map in the Transmission Post. Track them down, hack them, and the uplink will complete. As they’re charging, enemies will appear and try to destroy them. Defeat the incoming Eternalists.
  • Once the dishes are defended, return to the Transmission Post and use the terminal to complete the uplink. Now 2-Bit, the computer that controls Charlie’s game, will have new commands.

Now that 2-Bit has new commands, we can turn Charlie’s twisted game against him. The commands for 2-Bit are retained, even on future loops. You don’t need to do this side-quest again.

  • Go to Updamm (Noon) to start the hunt for Charlie. Travel to Charlie’s Lair where he’s playing a weird game called Condition Detachment.
  • Reach the third floor of the mansion where 2-Bit’s computer is located. Hack the door, go inside, and use 2-Bit to change the Invader.
  • Switch the Invader from Colt to Charlie himself. Now all the Eternalists will turn on Charlie, going straight for him instead. You’ll be safe!

Once the Eternalists take out Charlie, this achievement / trophy will pop. This is yet another Visionary with his own twisted games turned against him. You love to see it.

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