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As you play Deathloop, you’ll quickly learn that you simply can’t kill all 8 Visionaries on the same day. You’ll have to take certain shortcuts that can only be unlocked by completing a variety of different other activities and by collecting knowledge from the other visionaries on Blackreef. Your 8 targets only appear at certain times and in certain areas of the island. You can’t get them all, so you’ll have to find ways to bring them together. Charlie and Fia don’t even need convincing. They’ll meet up whether you change their routines or not.

The trick is just finding Charlie and Fia’s hiding place. They’ll meet up in a secret bunker in Fristrad Rock (Afternoon), but Charlie isn’t a normal nerd. He’s built an overly elaborate entrance mechanism to unlock the doors to the Pumping Station. The only way to get inside is to solve his riddles — by travelling to Charlie’s live roleplaying game and Fia’s nuclear reactor.

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How To Kill Charlie & Fia At The Same Time

Charlie and Fia are the only two Visionaries that meet with each other in Fristrad Rock (Afternoon) — which means they’re the only two you can assassinate at the same time. To do it, you need to follow the “Space Invader” Visionary Lead. This quest leads you into the secret bunker where Fia and Charlie meet, eventually revealing their location and putting them together.

Space Invader Visionary Lead | Walkthrough

  • To begin, travel to Charlie’s mansion called Condition Detachment. On the upper floor, in the Orbital area, go to the backroom and use the computer. Select the second messenger log to reveal that Fia and Charlie have a secret meeting place.
    • You can also use the computer in Fia’s personal room in Fractured Image, her Fristad Rock Fortress.
  • Next, enter Charlie’s apartment and look at the framed picture on the edge of his bed. You’ll learn that Fia and Charlie are meeting in a bunker in Fristad Rock. You can do this at any time — go to Fristrad Rock and go to Fia’s Lair. To the right of the main entrance, there’s a shore path that leads to a bunker marked with a 9.
  • Inside Bunker 9, read the “Order of Operations” note on the strange console. The note gives you the code for the safe for Yerhva (Queen of Riddles building) in Karl’s Bay. The safe contains the cypher code required to solve the Bunker 9 terminal. Opening the safe and reading the note will complete this lead and begin “Afternoon Delight“.

Afternoon Delight Visionary Lead | Walkthrough

We’re one step closer to catching Charlie and Fia together. Travel to Fristad Rock (Noon) and enter Fia’s Lair — you need to reach her inner studio. Make sure to avoid being spotted or she’ll set off the reactor while you’re there! Its fine to kill Fia while you’re exploring, you can always use the information you learn here on a future loop.

  • In Fractured Image (Fia’s Lair), you need to find 4 Pictograms. Each one is hidden in a different room. Check your objectives — four of the pictograms can be at these locations, though they may be randomized.
    • Pictogram #1: Enter the main room under Fia’s apartment. Look behind the glowing reactor — behind it and to the left, there’s a pictogram painted on the wall next to the “Danger” label.
    • Pictogram #2: From the Reactor Room, go upstairs onto the walkway and enter the double doors. There’s a pictogram painted on the back of the lockers in the locker room.
    • Pictogram #3: Go to the back entrance — the back door of the locker room leads straight there. The pictogram is above the windows to the sideroom.
    • Pictogram #4: The last art piece is in the locked storage room near the main entrance passage towards the reactor room. Its a locked room that requires a battery to open the door with red lasers. You can use Shift to teleport easily behind the lasers to get inside.
  • Return to Bunker 9 in Fristad Rock (Afternoon) and now you can solve the riddle. Look at the blueprint to the right of the tapes — match the pictogram symbols with the marked locations, and press the tapes in order.
    • For example, for my puzzle, I use these cassette tapes in order: 16, 04, 25, 07
    • If your numbers are different, they’ll be saved in your knowledge menu so you don’t have to memorize them.

Input the code correctly and drop down the elevator shaft. Scout the location to unlock the ‘Dangerous Liaison‘ trophy / achievement. Return during the Afternoon while both of them are alive, and you can safely take them out together. It’s a great way to earn plenty of high-quality trinkets and Residuum, too.

How To Kill Charlie & Fia With A Single Bullet

Pre-requisite: Before attempting to kill Charlie and Fia with a single bullet, you need to unlock the Nexus Slab ability. Nexus can be obtained from Harriet.

On a later loop, return to Fristad Rock (Afternoon) when you’re ready to take both of them out, go to the hidden bunker where Fia and Charlie meet by following the lead — use Nexus on both of them, then use a powerful pistol for a stealth headshot to score an instakill on both of them. The ‘Violent Delights‘ trophy / achievement will pop.

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