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Egor is one of the founders of the AEON Program, the group behind the infinite cycle in Deathloop, and he’s holed up in his own private camp. Egor has one of the most powerful Slab abilities — he can turn invisible, and you’ll be able to sneak freely too if you can catch Egor. Tracking this wily opponent is tricky enough, but using weapons to exploit his one weakness is even harder. To earn the ‘Not-So-Invisible‘ trophy / achievement, you’ll have to reveal Egor with a Nullifier device.

In Deathloop, you and everyone else on Blackreef Island is trapped. A group of ‘Eternalists’ have harnessed the power of a strange anomaly to repeat the same day over and over again. At the end of each day, everyone’s memory is completely wiped. Even the bad guys you kill have lost all memory, and they just reset like everything else. Only you, Colt, can end the cycle by killing all eight Visionaries. You can take them out in any order you want, and each one gives you a different powerful Slab ability to unlock.

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How To Kill Egor With The Nullifier | Not-So-Invisible Guide

  • Not-So-Invisible Man: Kill Egor while he’s under the influence of a nullifier.

Egor will turn invisible and escape if he catches use — his Slab ability, Aether, allows him to turn invisible. The only way to disable it is with Nullifier devices. These devices, when setup, create a field that completely disables all Slab abilities. That includes your Slab abilities.

  • Go to The Complex (Evening) and enter Egor’s camp. The area is littered with briefcase-shaped devices you can deploy. These are called Nullifiers, and we can plant one near Egor to nullify his invisibility power.
  • To make this easier, unlock Shift, Havoc and get an upgraded Strelak Shotgun.
  • Sneak into Egor’s camp, collect one of the Nullifier briefcases, and plant it near ego. This will alert him, so activate Havoc and blast him with a shotgun to take him out fast.

The tricky part of this fight is just dealing with Ego after alerting him with a Nullifier field. He can (and will) kill you if you’re not fast. Be prepared, and if you’re having trouble, you can always defeat Egor normally to collect his Aether Slab ability, then use invisibility to sneak up on him easier.

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