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Wenjie should be your first target once you’re committed to breaking the cycle in Deathloop. Why? Because she’s unlocked the power of Infusion Technology. With infusion, you can unlock Slab powers and weapons to carryover between loops. Otherwise, you’ll lose those tools forever and have to recollect them later. It is incredibly useful, and killing Visionaries is the best way to collect the energy you need (residium) to keep whatever you want on future playthroughs.

Wenjie also has a unique gimmick that makes her completely different from the rest of your targets. There isn’t just one Wenjie. There are about 15 of her, all working together in the lab, and all ready to shoot you if they spot Colt sneaking around. Her lab is where you’ll learn about extracting residium from objects, so you really do need to take her down early. Just don’t plan on defeating all her copies quickly until much later in the game, once you’ve unlocked a few more killer weapons.

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How To Kill Every Wenjie In 90 Seconds | Quantum Solution Guide

  • Quantum Solution: Kill all versions of Wenjie within a 90-second period. Simple.

Wenjie is one of the strangest targets. Instead of a single target, there are 15 different Wenjie’s in her lab. Each one is the real one — so the only way to officially defeat her is by taking out all 15. This can be a slow process, so if you’re aiming to speed things up and take them out all at the same time, here’s the fastest way to do it.

  • Go to The Complex (Afternoon), which is the only time the lab area is unlocked for experiments. Before going in for the kill, there are a couple of tricks you can use to kill them faster.
  • Start by marking as many of the Wenjie’s as possible. There are 6 Wenjies in the Lab Annex area, 3 Wenjies in the smaller left section of the lab, 2 in the Storage Area with the automatic controls, and 4 in the large central lab silo. Mark them all and disable the cameras in the silo to avoid depressurization or triggering turrets.
  • Use Aether (collected from Egor) to sneak inside the lab and easily mark the Wenjies, then use Nexus (collected from Harriet) to connect lots of Wenjies together. Then use powerful guns like the Strelak Shotgun — it can kill Wenjie in one shot.

I recommend starting from the roof and moving down. Even if you die while fighting, you can still kill the last Wenjie or two before the time limit expires. Havoc is another very useful Slab ability that’ll help you rapidly move through the area and take each one out. It’s all about setting things up, then knocking over the dominoes as fast as possible.

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